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Mining concession processing before the courts of justice until the ruling that grants it is registered. This service is provided with the support of Fastmin© software, owned by Montt Group, which is accessed from any web browser and device, which allows the client to know the current progress of the mining judicial proceedings that are entrusted to us, alerting the client about performance deadlines and any overlap or encroachment in the area of the mining concessions. Fastmin is encrypted and stored on Amazon servers where the client can access it using his/her username and password.

Services aimed at obtaining legal reductions on mining license fees. It also includes annual submission of license payment forms and verification of payment status.


Includes the analysis of the registration status of the mining concessions that comprise a project together with the payment of annual mining license fees and mining cadaster, with the aim of defining if the concessions are in the correct state of constitution, validity, free of intervention by third-party mining concessionaires (spans – overlaps). It also includes the registration status of Legal or Contractual Mining Companies when the owner of the concessions is one of such companies.


It includes the review of the real estate registration records, as well as other rights and uses registered in the Registry that affect the surface land property.


Processing of mining easements over surface properties, either judicially or through negotiation with the surface owners. Obtaining administrative concessions with the Ministry of National Assets or other administrative bodies, whether for leases or Onerous Uses.

Situation in which the client is a defendant or plaintiff for opposition to the surveryor overlap produced by his own measurement or that of a third-party with respect to his mining concession or in a proceeding withpriority to that of the third party.


Procedures to sustain claims or to establish against third parties in case of nullity defects, as established by law, with respect to mining concessions already granted.



Judicial request by which the mining concessionaires waive or release all or part of their mining concessions, processed before the courts of justice.

It corresponds to the monitoring of the surface and subsoil area of interest, such as the existing or pending mining concessions of said area and its surrounding perimeter, with a monthly report on the existence of applications or concessions in process that may overlap or encompass. This service includes monthly sketches of the area of interest. The report is delivered the first 5 business days of each month.


In general, civil and arbitration mining litigation services, national and international, in all types of procedures.

Mining companies and their ownership structures, in Chile or abroad. Advice and drafting of contracts, leases, associations or participation shares, options, royalties, contributions, purchases, loans and capitalizations, bylaws and shareholders agreements, contracts for registration in Stock Markets. Financial contracts with domestic or foreign creditors.

Includes advisory services in Tax Law matters related to the mining industry, nationally and internationally.


Analysis of the regulation and territorial planning of the surface land properties, their uses as well as the area of the concessions, in order to verify the existence of objects  of environmental protection, occupations granted by the State via concession, determine the probable feasibility of development of in accordance with what is permitted by the applicable territorial planning instruments, detect areas of environmental relevance officially protected by the State (SNASPE), identify restrictions related to the use of water, atmospheric emissions and the use of other environmental resources in the area, among others, that may affect a certain area, in order to facilitate the handling of future permits that are required for the Project.

Territorial Compatibility Analysis consisting of the survey of cartographic information for the preliminary identification of the objects of environmental protection, infrastructure and third-party projects located in or close to the project or area of interest, identification of Applicable Environmental Regulations consisting of the review of current environmental regulations in consideration of specific characteristics of the project. The product is a report that details the applicable environmental regulations and the form of compliance.

Review of the characteristics of the project in consideration under applicable environmental regulations, it may include the processing of a Relevance Consultation before authorities of SEA.

Technical-Environmental Consulting in Assessment Processes consisting in advising and assisting clients during assessment process, to respond appropriately requests for clarifications, rectifications or additional information (ICSARA in Spanish), as well as gathering additional information in the preparation of Environmental Impact Declarations (DIA in Spanish) or Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA in Spanish


Processing of the necessary permits to ensure regulatory compliance of your project before different competent bodies.


Representation in administrative investigations or sanctioning procedures providing advice and representation to ensure regulatory compliance by means of concrete actions as well as representation before Environmental and Civil Courtsto provide defense before specialized environmental justice, both in complaint processes or actions governed by current environmental regulations.



It consists of the review and analysis of resolutions referring to a Mining Project, in order to determine their sufficiency to support the development of relevant activities and their compliance.


In relation to sanctions for non-compliance with mining safety regulations and other inspections by authorities.


Includes the Audit and Assessment of Exploration Projects, Evaluation of Mining Projects, Remote Survey, Geological Risks and Physical Environment Baselines.

Creation of detailed geological models that represent the geological characteristics and structures of a deposit for a better understanding of the distribution of mineralization and geological controls. Models can incorporate data from boreholes, geochemical sampling and geophysical studies.


Comprehensive evaluation of mining projects to assess their geological potential and associated risks. Review of exploration data, resource estimation and geotechnical considerations to provide an objective assessment of project feasibility and potential investment risks.

Throughout Montt Group’s offices in foreign countries, specifically those present in the United States of America and Canada, and the international contacts that are the pillars for their creation, offer the service of agent of commercialization of mineral projects, either with Junior Company with the goal of developing campaigns of exploration in partnership or other commercial agreements with the foreign exploration companies, or directly with investors interested in the acquisition under different forms or models whether it be of options, royalties or others in all of which we are specialized in.


Regularizations of legal ownership of surface water rights

Obtaining legal ownership of surface water rights

Registration of waters found by the miner incidental to mining activities


Processing of applications before Regional or National bodies belonging to Dirección General de Aguas (DGA).

Initiate, defend and conduct administrative and judicial litigation regarding water rights.

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